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Originally Posted by midnighter View Post

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BTW, thanks C5 Admin for giving us 'vert buyers a sticky thread.


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TY for the vidz man! It looks better than I thought it would, still, verts are more like "sports" cars than muscle cars imho, however it's WAY cooler looking than the stang! good job GM!

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Well that does it. Now I can't buy the vert. Everytime my wife or myself go out for a drive we'll have to worry about getting beat by a stock coupe by 1/4 of a second!!! Out of the 100's of times this happens everytime we go to the grocery store or a Sunday drive,,,,I just couldn't live with myself:(

Face it. Something I learned 30+ years ago, there's ALWAYS someone or something faster out there somewhere.

Any one going to L.A. Auto show ?, Take pics for us please.

The all new Convertible !, Welcome to the Fleet !
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