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Change you DIC to read oil life %. Then press the center button. It will ask you if you want to reset your oil reading.

From the manual:

Remaining Oil Life
This display shows an estimate
of the oil’s remaining useful life.
If Remaining Oil Life 99% is
displayed, that means 99% of
the current oil life remains.
When the remaining oil life is low,
message will appear on the

display. See
Engine Oil Messages
on page 4-32

. The oil should
changed as soon as possible.

Engine Oil on page 9-10.
In addition to the engine oil life
system monitoring the oil life,
additional maintenance is
recommended in the Maintenance
Schedule in this manual.

Scheduled Maintenance on
page 10-2

for more information.
Remember, the Oil Life display
must be reset after each oil change.
It will not reset itself. Also, be
careful not to reset the Oil Life
display accidentally at any time
other than when the oil has
just been changed. It cannot be
reset accurately until the next
oil change. To reset the engine oil
life system press the SET button
while the Oil Life display is active.

Engine Oil Life System on
page 9-13

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