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Originally Posted by cowboy74 View Post
a 1995 67 camaro hunt will set ya back 3500 bucks a super 67 camaro hunt i have seen one of each in 15 yrs of hotwheels collecting will set ya back as much as a used toyota lol not kidding one sold on ebay for 10,500 two yrs ago i wish i had one myself but not that lucky keep it in a safe if ya ever git one

ummmmm........your completely wrong on your numbers.
in 1995 there was only 1 treasure hunt camaro and a error that was released the exact same treasure hunt but with chrome rear wheels.

the treasure hunt pictured is valued at 350.00 ( i have 2 right here in front of me)
the one with the chrome rear wheels is around 500.00.

in 1995 the super th was not a option. the super th did not appear until 2007.
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