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Originally Posted by speed racer View Post
Pics of the shims would be great...Will the Race Scoop have to be removed, by looking at the pics I posted..

I hope not?


the ADM scoop will be tight.....i am going to say no it is going to interfere with the scoop on that side.........but....the scoop is going to funnel huge amounts of new air up towards the breather....maybe more than the ADM scoop......i have it on my list to see if i can or need to fab a piece of sheet metal to help direct the air up ala ADM.......

blue - 1/16"
red - 1/8"
black - 1/4" (not needed)

we use these in different glass installations.....i cut them into 1/2" pc's to use as needed.....

Originally Posted by overhaulengines View Post

@GJG. where exactly did u shim? I would like at it to the first post.


Lupe is a pic/drawing...LOL

btw....i used the small rope thinking it would help hold the T3's in better but i believe it was more trouble than it was worth given the allotted time....the key is knowing how your going to clamp/adjust from the inside....

when shimming while the adhesive is still wet, do not shim to will move/slide the rings back as they are held only by the rigged clamps/paddles......when it all cures re-shim as required to get a flush look on the exterior.....when they are all in place caulk this inner area forcing the sealant into any voids as it will act as a shim also when it cures and also keep the shims from falling out.....Silicone should be fine for this.....

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