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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
First off, let me say to each and every one of you who participated:


The voting was a hit with John F., and you guys were wonderful in the thread. No long conversations, very few mistakes (really!), and an overall professional job on the thing. It made it SOooo much easier to collect. So again, thanks so much!!

Then, I want to thank John, Cheryl, and Scott for including us(the Camaro community) in this research. As I told them, this inclusion of the enthusiast community is part the reason I stay so faithful to Camaro, Chevy, and GM in general -- and I'm sure some of you share my feelings. I mean; name another car that's had this much enthusiast involvement during development, and came out looking, feeling, and sounding so great. The Camaro really is unique in that aspect. It's the passion and friendliness with which the Camaro team, and the company seems to do business these days that's going to put them ahead, imo. And we are all first-hand witnesses to this renaissance.

But...without further ado --- the RESULTS!!!

We had Six-Hundred and Forty-six people rank the Camaro colors in that it again:

And the Colors were ranked as follows:

Summit White...............4.24
Rally Yellow..................4.28
Victory Red
Cyber Gray Metallic
Silver Ice Metallic
Red Jewel Tinticoat
Aqua Blue Metallic
Imperial Blue Metallic

A more "colorful" Excel spreadsheet attachment will be included shortly. When it's available (expected sometime tomorrow), I'll update the OP, and bump the thread.

Thanks again, everybody!!!
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