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Originally Posted by wildpaws View Post
Why should the shipping company get paid for something they don't do?? I certainly don't get paid for every house that I don't build!! That's one of the problems in this country today, many people seem to think that people and companies are "entitled" to be paid whether they do anything or not.
They DO ship the Corvettes across the street, on a truck, to the loading docks of the Corvette museum. Yeah, it's only a couple of miles from the plant parking lot, but they're loaded and unloaded from the truck as normal. You're not getting out of the destination charge. Because otherwise, they'd ship it to whichever dealer you bought it from. Same price. You're just paying extra for them to drop it at other than the dealership. Sounds screwy for sure, but root cause? You can probably blame your unions for that little stipulation.
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