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Originally Posted by AGLAT View Post
I've said it in an earlier post, and I'll say it again. The lack of an integrated tonneau cover is a deal killer for me. I put my top up and down on a daily basis, and there ain't no way I'm climbing out of my car to put on and take off a manual tonneau cover every time.

I absolutely hate the unfinished look of a convertible folded up into a big hole with nothing hiding it. It's just my opinion, but after driving a BMW 3-series the integrated tonneau cover becomes something that you just can't give up.

Sorry, Chevy, you lost me.

See Ya!

Honestly the only reason I put it on is to avoid this. I don't think it looks bad at all.

That being said, I appreciate your opinion. Yes it would be nice to have an integral power cover.

BUTTTTT, that adds mass and cost to the car and people have already been b$%^ing about that too.

This is one of those things that is hard to make everyone happy.

THE competition for this car is the Mustang. Not BMWs with folding hard tops.

Like everything else, this was done by choice knowing that customers like wouldn't be happy.

This remains an awesome convertible. And it does convertible stuff with style.
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