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Originally Posted by Entaille View Post
-how does the new design feel in your hand?

-button placement still pretty spot on? did the grip style add length making it harder for your fingers to reach, or are you using your thumb?

-typically the shifter has the button to unlock the shifter and allow you to change it's position, where will this have it?

thanks, you've peaked my interest with this one.
The buttons are in pretty much the same location. I rest my hand on top of the shifter and shift with a flick of the thumb. Some hold it as a grip from the side and shift with the thumb, it is very natural.

The release mechanism is internal and is not seen.

The shifter is comfortable, although not as cosmetically pleasing to some the original shifter is more comfortable IMHO. There is a photo here with my hand in the shift position, I use the same hand position on both designs.
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