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Thumbs down orange10s.c. AKA Gary's Customz has not fully delivered on product

I contacted orange10s.c. "Gary's Customz" via PM about buying a Transformers 2 bumper assembly on 9/28/2010. His post about the bumpers clearly state that the bumpers include the ports and splitter; see quote below. I got the price and do to time restraints I asked how long the process would take. I was quoted a week to a week and a half. This would be fine as I needed the car back together by Thanksgiving. I made the payment on 10/1/2010. Along with my payment information I requested that the bumper be painted just like in his post; ports and splitter are Matte Black.

Im a very patient person and fully expected the week to week and a half to be more like three. Three weeks go by and still not a word from orange10s.c. Gary's Customz. I contacted him via PM again on 10/25/2010 to check the status. He let me know that the bumper was finally on the way and that there were pics in the thread. (the IBM one if he keeps the pics up)

Right off the bat I could tell that the paint was not the Matte Black pictured in the thread. No big deal since I am having a hood painted the same time this is being installed I can have this fixed. Received the bumper on 11/1/2010 and contacted orange10s.c. Gary's Customz explaining that I did not receive the splitter. I asked if I would receive that separately.

His Response: "Yes you will be getting it seperate. They are running behind on having them ready and i thought they were going to be ready by now. All my customers are going to be getting some of the first one's when they are available. Thanks Gary" 11/1/2010

No updates so I PM'd again

My Question: "Any ETA on this? or do you know if this splitter can be installed without removing the bumper?"

His Response: "not yet. i'm trying to get a hold of them now since they are back from sema. It can be easily installed with the bumper on." 11/09/2010 7:44am CST

They = ACS

Taking matters into my own hands I PM'd ACS and in less than 4 hours got a reply. ACS is NOT making the splitter for this bumper and has no plans to at this time. I asked Gary again for a status on 11/15/2010 explaining that they dont have plans to make the splitter and he again assured me that the splitter was being made.

I let him know that I was giving this process two more weeks (in good faith) to have the splitter done or I would need to return the bumper. I personally dont like the bumper without the splitter and it will not flow with my car. So on 11/16/2010 I sent the following....

Originally Posted by sykb47l
Ok, if not complete in two weeks I will need to return this bumper. I cant hold out forever not knowing when i can get my car finished. Remember i have custom paint going on the car and this is really holding me up. As it is the bumper was painted in gloss black not the matte finish like in your post. Yes i did request it. So I will be paying to have the black portion resprayed to match the car. I have held off from installing the bumper until i can have the paint done on it, the hood, roof, rear bumper, and trunk.

I think it be real beneficial if you updated your post with this info too. I understand that you thought it would be in by now but if you had said something or set expectations I would have just gone with the T3 assembly or simply kept the stock ss bumper and added a splitter. The T2 without the splitter doesnt look right at all.

Please keep me informed.

Originally Posted by orange10s.c.

I sure will !!!!

Today we are at two weeks. I contacted Gary letting him know that I would like to return the bumper for a refund. To put it nicely he refuses to make this right. Gary sold me a bumper that he knew was not complete. I feel that he thought that I simply wouldnt notice that the splitter was missing. This is not a misunderstanding on my part and I had asked to begin with how long this process would take. Gary may have some nice products but to me he has been very dishonest.

If I had known that the splitter was not available I would have simply ordered the T3 bumper assembly and called it a day. Lucky me would have had the car together first week of November. I dont think its right or fair that I be stuck with an incomplete order. The assembly does not look right and does not flow well with my other body mods. I have researched other V6 splitters and none of them work for me. I seriously spent hours.

Gary states that he will refund the $339 for the splitter but that does not solve my problem. I still have an incomplete bumper assembly.

BUYER BEWARE Gary will charge you for parts knowing they aren't being produced. I am stuck with an $1800 V6 bumper with vents.
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