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Originally Posted by orange10s.c. View Post
Come on man i never gave you an attitude about the grille you said didnt match. I have painted over 100 of them and NEVER had a prob with ANY not matching. You sent pics. of it installed and it looked perfect. and you said well you cant tell in the pics. I told you to send it back if you were still not happy and you said ok. Well a week or 2 weeks go by then you called again and said there are blemishes in the grille itself from the factory. I again said send it back and i will refund your money and you again said ok i will send it back. This was about a YEAR ago and now for some reason after never hearing from you again it's now an issue. Some people i tell ya !!!
First of all gary i dont know how you have painted over a 100 of these and never had a problemm when you dont even get the paint code off the car.Im not a painter by trade but everytime i get something painted they get the paint code because every orange camaro isnt the same .If im wrong about this will someone tell me.Second of all you cant tell in the pics like i told you, and if you would of read the post i didnt have the time to deal with this crap.It seems like you have time to take peoples money but no time to make sure things are correct before you send them out ,dont worry your not the only one doing this.Man up and make it right.
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