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Originally Posted by SFCamaroSS View Post
Wow this is crazy. I was considering buying some items from Gary but after reading this post I will look for them someplace else. Here is definitely one more customer you have lost because your customer service needs a relook. Making this right would have definitely been the way to go.
Bottom Line Up Front: Gary Customs stopped doing business with another large supplier of aftermarket parts, after that supplier kept delaying shipments or send products with missing parts (name with held on purpose) who used to be here on Camaro5!

I talked with ACS at SEMA, even tried to hit them up for sponsorship ( ) at SEMA for that bumper with splitter and specifically asked about availability and he said "NOW" as if I couldn't the sponsorship, I was ready to buy!

So, when ACS dealers (GARY CUSTOMS) are told ready to ship, Garys tells his customers SYKB471 yes, available to ship and then when ACS fails to deliver, it appears GARY CUSTOMS is the culprit, when in fact it's ACS!!

I notice ACS made no response on this THREAD yet!!!

Not saying GARY is perfect, mistakes do happen, but he does remendy the problem! Despite what the masses think, GARY CUSTOMS did not sponsor VETERAN 1, I spent thousands of dollars with him; without incident!

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