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Originally Posted by Russo View Post
even if you were to get the OE paint codes, humidity can make the colors vary... i chuckle when i hear anyone selling any prepainted "to match" parts...
For what it's you know that any parts of a Camaro (or any other car/truck for that matter) that are not sheetmetal (bumpers, handles, trim ect..) are painted off site from where that vehicle is assembled? Read: NOT PAINTED WITH THE CAR. All using an "OE paint code". There is always a slight varience in color from sheetmetal to a bumper cover/trim. The manufacturers do the best job they can and have improved colormatch greatly in the past several years. Even the sheetmetal paint colors can vary between buildplants and that is why there are color variencies made by aftermarket paint manufacturers. So this being true...all bumpers and trim are "pre-painted to match" from factory. So, chuckle on.......
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