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Originally Posted by kidddogbites View Post
well i wish that gave it diffrent options for the rear axel ratio because im sick of thease *****-ass rear ends that cant 01 ss has 3:73's and thats not as bad as my cousins black 10 2ss's 3:45 rearend. i guess what im trying to say is they need to have at least 3 diffrent options for that; 3:45's 3:73's and 4:10's at least
Excellent point....... Totally AGREE. However, this isn't the right thread for that subject.

I'd pay to have museum papers and assembly line photos etc... maybe i'd raise my original $195 up to $499 for the papers in perfect condition.
499 for papers in archive form.
+200 for walk through plant during assembly
+500 to help make engine

Total $1200.
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