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Originally Posted by rmpackers View Post
That is NOT the 5-4 record I'm talking about, I could not care less about your record this season we all have good and bad years. You need to dig a little deeper or maybe I should say higher to figure out what I'm talking about.
Yeah, I'm still not entirely sure what you're talking about. And Jekyll, come on man, Our record this year was 5-6. We played 11 games, not 9

Also, in the 14 games that Texas has played against Nebraska between 1933 and 2010, Our record against Nebraska is 10 wins, 4 losses.

I would have to go and look to see what the record is during the Big XII era.

Of course, for all I know, you could be quoting Nebraska's series record against OU. If that's the case, I have no desire spending any more time researching that

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