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Originally Posted by b4z View Post
Mustang and Chally are trending up.
Camaro is trending down.
I'm assuming the convertible and Z will help.
The new interior will help also-can't do anything about the poor visibility.
Would like the car to have a more "modern" refined feel as it goes down the road.
Chevy didn't raise the bar with this car like they could have.
Not really, if you look at the same time last year on the chart, the mustang was in the same downfall as it was last year. In fact theyre almost identical, the only reason for the spike in around April was cause of the combination of the updated model year and 5.0 release. Yes the Camaro is dropping but one it is the Christmas season and two because people are holding out for the convertible and Synergy Series aka Chromna 2009 SEMA Concept(which may only include of a small fraction) which will be available in February. Plus the wait of the Z28 and then the possibility of the convertible for that a year down the line maybe, so there is still a lot going for the Camaro in the next year or two that should keep sales steady. Mustang IMO is the one that should be a little worried because other than the Boss, what else do they have coming in and I'm not saying that in a smart-ass remark? They just released a new option and an updated model design and they're in the same place they were at last year, not really a positive sign. I am happy for the Challenger though as they're numbers are steadily increasing each month. Give it two more months and maybe the Challenger will outsell both the Camaro and Mustang for one month. Great job Dodge, keep it up! Let's see what happens when the new Charger is released.

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