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Originally Posted by IROCZJEFF View Post
I hate to say this but for the most part it is true. Camaro buyers are cheap! A Camaro is not a Corvette and most Camaro people would not spend the money GM would want to have you build your Z/28 motor. I can say this because I own a number of Camaro's and a Corvette. The typical Corvette buyer has the extra money to blow on a Museum delivery or a build your own engine program. The Camaro has allways been the little brother to the Corvette. I would dought that GM has any factory program, but if they did I would do it when I order my Z/28.
Yes. It IS the vettes little brother.

However, if you are willing to step up to the plate and pay for this beastly machine, what's an extra grand for an experience like no other? Also, it's not like every person ordering a Z28 would choose to go this route. But, if you do choose a Z28, you are choosing the best of the best of that model car. There's a reason you are ordering it...and there's a MUCH higher likelyhood of picking a plant option than say, for a V6 or SS model.
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