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below is only a portion of post #71

Originally Posted by SEXYRED808 View Post
lupe: i see the point that you're trying to get across, but your wrong and your examples don't nearly compare.

so 6 months, 8 months, 1 yr goes by and now because you don't have it and even though you are still owed it, you want to bring the car back and expect the dealership to take the car back and give you all of your money back despite the mileage, damage, use, etc? how does that work?

you yourself claim to be self-employed and you practice better business habits than gary's customz, but can you tell me 100%, honestly, w/o any b.s., that you would refund the entire amount? no frickin way. save it for someone else.

-e thug, out!!!!! "rediculous)
above is part of your quote... good point, but in your example the car has been used. this bumper has not.. see quote below

Originally Posted by sykb47l View Post
Again. I do not want this bumper without being complete. You can send me a full refund and sale the bumper to someone that likes it without the splitter. It is wrapped up and ready to go. It has not been installed and is in the same condition that I received it. You can also exchange it for the T3 bumper WITH splitter unpainted and as long as its instock and complete....the choice is yours. Keeping this bumper does not work for me. Sorry but that i will not accept.

It doesnt look the same.
why do you find it hard that a person would give someone their money back if they could not fulfill a promise/agreement/sale 100%? its not hard at all to do what right. it a choice. i see you would keep the money and so you expect others to do the same? i don't expect you to believe me, because we don't know each other.

thanks for you time and input

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