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The Camaro is and will be fine. Last year was a huge year due to pent up demand. This year is the baseline. Ford DEEPLY discounted it's 2010's and even after that and a much better engine selection they aren't winning. They're are people that are still waiting for the Camaro convertible. My dealer has a woman that has had a deposit on one for 6 years now. People love the Camaro and Convertible lovers have no problem waiting. It will not cannibalize coupe sales in any major way and if it does it'll only mean higher profits. The 2010 Mustang was a joke. If it wasn't for the Camaro ford would have kept selling that boat anchor of a V6 and tired old 4.6L. The 2011 Mustang is what they should have released. It's styling has grown on me over time but it's still the same car as the 2005 with very little change. The Camaro is still fresh and new. We already know the 2012 will have a slight update to the interior and the Z28 will come also. 2014 we'll have a completely new lighter platform for the Camaro. Ford is no longer the king. Reviewers can say what they want but it doesn't matter. Sales do.

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