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2012 Camaro Z28 Comeback Receiving Prime Time News Coverage (video)

From Homepage:

Camaro Z28 mania has gone prime time! Even major news networks have caught onto Camaro and Camaro Z28 buzz! In the past couple of days, the 2012 Camaro Z28 has been thrust back into the limelight despite the lack of any real new info. It likely had to do with this Detroit Free Press article.

The impending Z28 comeback is such big news that WXYZ-TV (ABC 7) in Detroit spent some time talking about it on a recent news broadcast. No solid new info is revealed and the speculations are general in nature: 500-600hp, V8, 18-19mpg, debut late 2011 as 2012 model.

See our Z28 homepage coverage here:

It's a news video on the new 2012 Camaro Z/28!
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