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Originally Posted by thePill View Post
1st, there is no way Ford should win, It shouldn't even be a contest. Ford only produces half of what GM does (6000 vs 10000 a month until recently). It is impossible for Ford to outsell GM if GM pushes units 2:1, GM produced 129k 2010s and only sold 99k of them in a 16 month model year, Ford made almost 76k 2010s and sold almost 76k of them. If Ford only made 60% of what GM produced, even if Ford sold 100% of what they made (which it is very close) they could not have outsold GM this year. Ford sold what they put on the lots, GM still had 30k 2010s unsold as of 3 June 2010 when MY11 opened.

The 4.6 was not a joke, it was a 15 year Research and Development tool and is directly responsible for the current 5.0. Why would Ford increase horsepower if there is NO competition. Do you see a GT500 HP increase this year? because there is NO competition...

The Camaro is no longer new, if it was, it wouldn't be slumping after 20 months. I spent 45 minutes with a new Camaro on Monday for a spring photo shoot and I can say, It grew on me pretty quick, the novelty wore off. It is actually the same size as my supervisors 2010 Taurus, I seen them on the road, In fact, he sold it because he was sick of the interior, the mass and he didn't find it appealing anymore.

Yes, sales do matter.. and if GM couldn't pull at least a sales win out this year they would be in the Challengers shoes. The Z28? 12 months away, the Vert? will cannibalize coupe sales as does all convertibles do to their coupe siblings. Interior? its a start, but a new exterior will get them in the lot. Whats next?

Discounts? You mean cash back? Don't be fooled by bonuses that are masked as MSRP adjustments at the end of a models life...

The Camaro shouldn't be neck and neck with a 2005 Mustang GT with a 5.0 and revised front fascia and rear.
The problem with your argument is that part of the reason why Ford sold almost all it's 2010's is because they discounted them over $8k so they didn't sit on the lots for all eternity. GM has only offered an accessory incentive of $1,500 on remaining 2010's and in spite of Ford putting decent engines in the mustang the Camaro is still ahead month to month. While the Mustang 5.0's newness came and went and their sales jump died almost instantly. That is the difference. Clearly we are not going to agree. Time will tell and I'm confident that the Camaro will be just fine.


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