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So hows that for the "cheap interior, horrible visability, and fat design?" i think the public showed all the critics, especially those two-faced internet auto-reviewers, who the real winner is. I got seriously tired of seeing Camaro reviews in 2009 that said "this car is AMAZING! I just shat myself! And again! Everything is perfect, EXACTLY perfect!" and then in 2010 everything they praised about it they totally shot down, like the "innovative and exciting interior" they turned into "clumsy cheap plastic" the "sporty and stable independant suspension" they turned into "fat and slow reacting" it was rediculous to listen too. But alas, the public has spoken, and the customer is always right :-)

And as far as that Mustang guy goes, in his "drives" column it happens to say "2011 Mustang" so of course he's probly cryin himself to sleep. "but mines faster, and newer, and and, waaaa, its not supposed to be like thiisss, Mustangs are supposed to be Mr. Popularity agaaiinnn" Although in his defense (take it as you will though) id almost rather have my car sell less just cause i dont want every other car on the road to be the same thing im driving *cough cough* lol, id be super annoyed if i was stoked for years to get this AWSOME Camaro and here i got it and 5 miles outside the dealer the exact same one, color model and all, pulls up right next to me. Thats what makes me like the Challenger still, it may be waaayy behind but its so exclusive its actually pretty cool.

PS: On the engine discussion, the 4.6swere indeed horrible, the best thing they could do was they actually sounded pretty cool with the right cam but beyond that nada. The 5.0 is pretty awsome with all its power and efficiency but dual overhead camshafts? That'd be a nightmare to work on for the standard enthusiest. The LS motors however are among the best motors ive ever seen, and i dont just say this cause im a GM supporter (yes, GM, not juuust Chevy haha =P) but because hey, have you ever seen a blown LS motor? (not supercharged! I mean dead! lmao)...*cricket cricket*...nahh, lol, didnt think so, they're friggin bomb-proof with an eeennddless aftermarket, they're literally the perfect hot rod motor
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