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I'm sorry thePill but my brother is a Mustang fan and was looking into one around the time the 2011 was hitting dealers. Dealers were THROWING 2010's at you. Ford may have only given $2k but the dealers absorbed huge discounts. The sales jump wasn't stopped due to seasonal it lasted two months and fell back down under the camaro. The only reason it even existed was due to huge discounts on 2010's. You talk about how the Camaro convertible will only cannibalize coupe sales and then talk about the GT500 and Boss 302. Those will impact and cannibalize the Mustang GT's sales. The Camaro convertible will cannibalize Mustang Convertible sales not Camaro coupe sales. GM doesn't need to worry much about Fords model release timing. Ford needs to worry about GM's.

On a side note there's no reason for anyone to attack thePill. He's entitled to his opinion. Even if it's wrong.

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