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Originally Posted by Z28RockStar View Post
Ehh I like the Stang OK but it's like the guys with verts who think they have a muscle car, not a "sports car", sorry but IMHO verts are "sports cars", a little girlie for me. Sort of how many love the Vette, I like a Vette OK I just think of overweight late mid life crisis bad attorneys / dentists with gaudy gold chains or dumb blond strippers. Sorry if I offended anyone, just kind of how I see those vehicles, just not my style. Convertible Vette you say? Yeah total blond stripper or rich daddy's girl car, definitely a "sports" car, not a muscle car. Same with the Stang, it all applies, the coolest looking Stang I ever saw was a 69 mach1, couldn't beat a Camaro 'cos it was too light in the loafers, ooops I mean to light in the ass. It's a nice car, like apple pie it's very American, just a little girlie and cheesy for a real man, . . IMHO. It's a chick car, a "sports" car, not a mans muscle car. Showing off your mustang is kind of like a round about way for a guy expressing he might be "coming out" soon . . . . I mean I know a couple of cool Bros with Stangs, it's really hard for me to keep a straight face when they're bragging about their really cool wicked "chick sports cars" lol. Yes I own a Ford but not really by choice, I mean it's my wifes SUV and she likes it a lot but I mean it's OK for her to like what she wants, even if it is a Ford, she's a woman. In addition she got it with only 15K miles on it from one of her family members for cheap, so I put up with it, at least it's four wheel drive and NOT a mustang lol! Look if you're young, like to fake tan and dress / act like the Jersey Shore TV show and think Von Dutch is awesome and wanna drive a cool American chick sports car like the Stang, great for you, just expect me to LOL @ YOU if you try bragging about it to me.

DISCLAIMER: post intended for humor and meant to entertain, NO actual Ford Muskanks or AWESOME CHEVY CAMAROS were harmed in the making of this irresponsible (yet funny) post.
Lol, What I got out of that post was that convertibles are like dumb blond strippers... they both look better with their top down...
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