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We're in the process of working on our garage. I liked the race deck, my husband wanted the painted floor w/color specks put in it. We found out that person who poured/floated the floor didn't do a good job by the man door. The concrete to left of the door was lower than the concrete to the right (by the door jam). Which in turn didn't give us the clearance we needed to install the race deck. Either way you go, if you use studs on any of your tires ~ I'm sure it goes without saying, but I'll still say it...NO STUDS ON EITHER FLOOR. I was all ready to put the studs on my husbands car & I asked... Bummer!!! I can't wait until everything is done...The goal date to have the garage finished was Thanksgiving 2010. Oh well, It'll look great when it's finished.
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