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Originally Posted by Rogue Leader View Post
I looked into doing the swap of the XM brain with a Sirius brain. They offer this for MANY GM cars. However, all the music stations are now merged, so the music programming you get on both is identical, since I prefer Howard Stern I will have to pay for the Best of Sirius package to get the talk channels, but honestly thats cheaper than doing the conversion, its not worth it. Its a few bucks extra. and probably within the next year they will fully merge everything, and then buying that box would have been a waste.

I will be contacting Sirius about just transferring my subscription to the Camaro, or possibly if they will do the Camaro as a secondary unit (like now if you pay full price monthly for a subscription you can add a second for $6.95).
So are you saying that you will transfer your sirius account to an xm account and then pay for the extra stations? I guess I'm like you, I want the howard stern station too.

You say that the music stations are the same now. Does that mean that xm 80's is the same as sirius with all the mtv vj's and all?
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