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Originally Posted by Memphis SS View Post
Why post negative comments on a forum when you don't even own a Camaro and this is only your what 3rd post.. I will say it again.. TROLL

PS: You’re going to talk to me about common sense on waiting for the new platform.. Have you even read about the release date on the next gen? It's only about 5 years out. Why would anyone want to wait that long if they are ready to buy now or like the current style. I think that would also apply to the Mustang. I hope Ford updates the current style within the next 5 years as well but I don't think buyers wanting a Mustang or a Camaro now are going to wait to see if it is better 5 years down the road.. Most trade every 3 to 5 years anyway.
As above, I have owned a 5th gen. Probably before you received yours. I took delivery in July 2009. Not posting negative comments, just pointing out facts. I was talking about the powerplant platform in the Mustang GTs. There was no sense in purchasing a 2010 when Ford was changing over to the TiVCT technology on the new 5.0. That would be a reason that 2010's GT's did not sell as well. I was also pointing out the fact that Maro's hadn't been produced since 02', so of course there was going to be a lot of interest from enthusiasts. I just felt the thread was being slanted, although I do realize this is a Maro forum. Wouldn't expect anything less.

I was also pointing comparisons of the 2010 vs 2011 GT's and the 2010 SS to the Z28 in regards to sales. I'm sure quite a few wished they waited for the Z to come out instead of puchasing the SS. The same point between the 10' Stang and the 11'. I wasn't bashing. Maybe you were being too close-minded to understand!

I am actually thinking about trading my Shelby for a F/I 2SS/RS, but you sir make me rethink these actions. But hey, there's a ton of douchebags driving Mustangs so..........

BTW, if I am such a troll then why feed me?!?!?!? In no way did I bash the Camaro!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!! I respect all and fear none!
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