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Everything is relative. My point is that prior to the actual specifications of the Gen5 Camaro being released, a vast majority of the guesses on the offical curb weight of the car were way lower than what it actually ended up being.

Likewise, there are only a few people that might actually know what the price is going to be on the Z28, and they sure as heck aren't telling. History tends to show that in the cases of people making guesses on products they want to see come to fruition, they general underestimate the actual price in the misguided hope that they might actually be able to afford to put one in their garage.

It's like the old saying about building a house. Take the number you think it will take you to build the home you want, double it, and then add 5% and you'll probably be in the ballpark when all is said and done.

I certainly don't think it will be anywhere near that drastic with the Z28, but I think a lot of people are going to be surprised by the MSRP when it is finally released. But then again, maybe GM will prove me wrong.
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