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Originally Posted by molloni View Post
I said it in the other thread, but I'll say it again - my hat's off to you guys for organizing and doing this. I'm with Charlie - I wish I could have been there.

When you say the last two digits were I to assume that the first digit was a 1? Where exactly did you take him? Was his mom with you too? That's funny!

Oh, and not for nothing, it's too bad you guys didn't make the news...not for the Camaros or the publicity, but just because a local club did a nice thing for this boy...we never hear enough "good" news, we'll only hear about the teen who wraps himself around a tree after a night of partying and that he was driving a get the idea...
Originally Posted by LadiesMan217 View Post hit 135 with him in the car?!?!?!? LOL

That's a lot faster than any rollercoaster he's been on.
The um er "35" was just with Chuck. I didn't go to crazy with Adam. Just a nice burnout and some aggressive 2nd gear "acceleration tests" I think at most we might have hit 60.

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