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There seems to be a re-occurring theme here with this vendor. In every story told the customer ends up taking it in the shorts if there is any issues that arises. First PQ had his saga play out with the back and forth of his out of round wheels and then the blame game started. Of course the wheels were fixed be he had to pay out of his pocket and many months of his car sitting on jack stands.

Now Emma and this ordeal of the paint flaking/powder coat chipping and the extra cost charged back to the customer.

I too on the advise of PQ and Emma and a few PM's from Savini decided to get a set of Savini wheels, with a promise that this type of BS had been resolved. I clearly think it has not been resloved.

My problems were minor compared to Randy's and Emma's, mine just vibrated, I was sent the wrong lugnuts, and after they re-balanced them they forgot to send the center caps back, OK honest mistake, but still when you pay this kind of money for wheel you expect a little more. BFXAuto made it right, no out of pocket expense for me and I clearly made that point up front before I ordered my wheels with both BFXauto and Savini, they got one shot with me.

Here is my problem with this whole ordeal, especially with this situation. Savini took advantage of the situation they had they wheel and really held Emma's wheels hostage. What was she to do lose 7000.00 for 200.00 no.

Shame on you Savini, Shame on you, I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND YOUR WHEELS TO ANYONE, NEVER and as soon as I can find someone to make me a new set of center caps, the Savini logo will come off my care, I am ashamed of having that name associated with my car.

Emma I am truly sorry and wished there was something I could do.

Savini you think it was bad when you screwed around with PQ, it just got a whole lot worse.
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