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Originally Posted by Darth_Emma View Post
Oh, I forgot to mention that Nick at Savini also told me one of the drums of my wheels was damaged when they got them - like it was out of round or something. I have no idea how or where that could have happened. IPS packed them up really well for me when they shipped them. I guess Savini wheels are easily damaged.
OMG, Tu accused me of bending mine every time I had them.

A few comments I have for your OP Terri.

1. Tony. (Nine Ball) Stand up guy. The company that is Savini is so piss poor and minipulateive that I began to put some blame on Tony. Tony did everything he could from his end. Savini not only cares very little about end customers, they blocked out the vendor as well. I would absolutely use Tony again if I were gonna buy.

2. Funny how they slip lines in their correspondance like:

Nick from Savini: “We will repair them under warranty, but powdercoating costs an extra $50 per wheel ($200 for all 4). We can also take the tires off and put them back on for you to avoid any more problems with that at your end.
This is said as if he KNOWS it. He hadn't even seen the wheels yet. This is done deliberately. They remade two of my wheels due to the pressure the forum put on them. PERIOD. Not to 'Stand behind their product', and all the while saying things like "I don't know what he's doing but they are fine when we ship them". Talking about you, Tu.

3. The part where Nick says HE'LL pay for some of it. He told me that too. I refused to let him. If you'll remember, I STILL have no sensors in my wheels. NONE. And it's ALREADY cost me one rear tire. When I got my wheels back there was a baggie with 4 sensors in them. I sent them back to Tony to get a refund and he showed me how the ones Savini sent me back are NOT the ones that were on the wheels all along. The ones Tony sold me were different.

Tony said he would refund me anyway for my troubles, I said no way. He hadn't done anything wrong. So Nick finally tells me he would send me the money out of his own pocket. Of course I said no. I STILL have no sensors.

Hate to hear this Terri. Like I told you before, I feel a little responsible. You and John both.

Oh, and I got paint chips all around my centers and lugs too. Big solid ones. Goes all the way under the center cap.

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