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Originally Posted by Darth_Emma View Post
I have the emails. Mine and theirs. I would swear to what I said under oath in court. I didn't lie. I didn't embellish. I stated the facts. I just want other to know so they can avoid the same problems. I hope others would share their experiences with vendors to let me know about the good and the bad.

By the way, I have also posted threads about very good vendors to let others know that too.
Darth, your one or the most respected here on and no one would challenge your integerity!

After having painted/powerdercoated wheels on "REDRUM" , I can tell you they are very easily prone to being chipped and depending on cleaning solvents, etc can compound the problem.

I would never buy a PAINTED/POWDER COATED set of wheels period...

Now doesn't execuse SAVINI's response to you , and hopefully they will make it right.

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