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Savini Rebuttal

Terri - It is unfortunate that after all the conversations we had regarding this, you still want to bash us on the forum. It was all fine and dandy when your wheels were getting done for a very discounted cost, and now this? We both agreed that there was mis-communication between us and then we came to an agreed upon conclusion. I emphasized that this mis-communication would not have happened if it were a shop we were dealing with as a shop would probably have used different terminology considering you are a self proclaimed "noob". We have distributors set up for a reason and we were trying to help you out because you did not want to work with Tony.

We have also spent time and money trying to support the Camaro community and can not get away from the PQ situation. Shipping damage, extended ETAs, miscommunication are just some of the concerns when dealing with mail order companies. We have distributors located throughout the nation to assist you with personal service, timely responses, quality information, and state of the art equipment... AND we would be more than happy to refer you to anyone of them.

now to address paint/warranty concern:
Originally Posted by Darth_Emma View Post
I know painted wheels can chip. But, what I do find problematic is that Savini didnít do what they promised to resolve the issue....For that kind of money, they should stand behind their product with better customer service.
- We were going to refinish the centers (original (warrantable) problem area) for FREE.
- You wanted to switch to powdercoat
- You admitted that the shop damaged one of the wheels
- More than one wheel was damaged when they arrived

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Originally Posted by Dr Jkel View Post
There seems to be a re-occurring theme here with this vendor. In every story told the customer ends up taking it in the shorts if there is any issues that arises.
Jekl - From what I understand, you loved your wheels! They look great, you got tons of compliments, they fit perfectly. Its unfortunate that you would jump on this thread just to bash a company.

- The vibration was just a balancing issue (not the wheels).
- The wrong lugs - again, Not Savini
- Missing caps - again, Not Savini

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- We have already made you your replacement set and they were shipped out to you. Wheel Studio shipped them to the wrong address. It's unfortunate, but again... NOT SAVINI

We have another set of caps on the production schedule, but our orders are are already in place and they will be cut when your schedule comes up. I apologize for the delay and we are getting through this as quickly as possible

Last and not least... EVERY issue that comes up, we are here on the boards trying to make it right.

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Randy - I (Nick) have stood behind everything I have said in person, on the forum, over the phone, etc. It is not easy to get things done as quickly as some would want when you work for a company this size. There are guide lines that I have to follow before we can take the most drastic action of remaking wheels.

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Guys, just an FYI: Savini has been around since 2003 and have sold over 160 sets of Camaro wheels this year. Im not trying to say we dont have issues, because every company does. But we do try and make it right...
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