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Originally Posted by Entaille View Post
if the decklid spoiler was on something small like 25% of the camaros, I would agree with you. I would guess more like 75%+ have them. to design against this and require a couple hundred extra of investment just to make it work .. meh, not for me.

I'm no business major but chances are more people would be interested if it cost them less to make it happen. if it's being designed to be more rare and targeted at a more unique audience, so be it, I'm just sharing the reason why I passed on this spoiler (and I heavily considered buying it)
You have the RS package... That was 1500 more just for an appearance package. Same thing here. If you want a spoiler that looks diffrent from the Camaros on the used car lot, you gotta pay to play. It seems kinda lazy/cheap/silly to me to not buy something because it takes a little more work/money to make something fit.

But anyway, sorry to threadjack... I LOVE IT and think it should be made ASAP!

OOOO!!!! Painted carbon fiber with some of the CF showing...
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