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When I had my car dynoed, it pulled 370 hp to the rear wheels which isn't too bad. Since then I've added the rear brake rotors from RacingBrake. As you can see, their rotors are almost 6 lbs lighter than stock which is a difference you can feel when accelerating:

Here's the back of their rotor:
Name:  IMG_0243.JPG
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Here's the stock rotor on the weight scale:
Name:  IMG_0249.JPG
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Here's their rotor on the weight scale:
Name:  IMG_0248.JPG
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Here's their rotor on the rear axle:
Name:  IMG_0251.JPG
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Here's how it looks with my wheel on:
Name:  IMG_0254.JPG
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I've also put French Racing Yellow overlays on my DRL's and added Fieldgoal's harness to allow the DRL's to be on at the same time as the headlights so they function as fog lights.

Today I installed the ported CNC Throttle Body from SC2150 which made a nice improvement in throttle response and feels like it's added a slight bit more torque. No pics of that since it's already in his thread but I washed the car and took it out for a test drive and finally took a few snapshots since the weather cooperated today:

Name:  IMG_0270.JPG
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Name:  IMG_0266.JPG
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Name:  IMG_0263.JPG
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Next mod should be the carbon fiber driveshaft. Then most likely Pfadt front and rear sway bars and trailing arms; then I'll see if I can get the paint mods I want done; then some more bushing upgrades and possibly the Pfadt engine mounts.

After that I'm considering a Braille battery, probably Thorley short headers, a tune, and I'm also toying around with the idea of lightweight racing seats for the front.

After that.... electric water pump maybe? Or who knows...depends on what I can think of. Love this car...

Blue Angel is here!!
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