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Originally Posted by 2SSRS View Post
Non of my info comes from GM employees or GM vendors. But more a common sense, Doing my woke to see what is going on and why, It dos not make any sense to release a new motor in the camaro, AKA gen V motor, and the LS9 will bring the cast to $60k+ on the car so if we all angry that its a supercharged V-8 then what is left to not be a fact.

Next there is timing we all know that a car has a life span for the Wow affect, so 2 years after the release of the gen5 camaro its time for the convertible to come out and now it will be about 1 tear till the Z28 comes out and that will keep the line fresh in the mind of ppl and then there will be some thing new after that like a new ........ and so on.

That is how all car company's work and all manufacturing company's work.

It's all just speculation. you stated it as fact, and that's just miss information right now. until it's from the horses mouth it isn't fact.
Again things do change. What doesn't make sense to you might make sense to someone behind the curtain. we don't have the whole picture. Maybe just maybe some peoples speculation is right it will be the lower end of the LS9 with the top end of the LSA. . .it's still speculation. They were developing the LS8 for a while. maybe with the rebirth of the z28 they will introduce the ls8. but the last official information about the ls8 was it was scraped. but you just never know until that press release is official. that's all I'm getting at.
Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
We do not want to use the Z28 moniker on a car that does not deserve this hallowed name.
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