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Originally Posted by SScattergunSS View Post
I may not know very much, but I can't help but think every person who orders a new Camaro of whichever model, would order the 4 Pack Gages if they were reasonably priced. Also, I think at least 70-75% of those orders would add the Ambient Lighting as well...if it was reasonably priced. As far as the C&C goes, I don't know. I'd like it, but if I have to cut some costs, I may or may not pull that trigger. (I probably would to be honest with you though!) But the point is, I'd like to have the option.
Well I don't care about the 4 pack myself, it's not in a great spot IMO and it seems kind of cheesy. I don't dislike it, but I like a change holder more lol. I think GM made a good choice of offering the gauges as a dealer option though, a lot of people do seem to like them. I agree on ambient lighting, though since they don't seem to have it 100% yet I can understand why they aren't in a hurry to make the lighting availible as a seperate option. I think there's at least some potential to make a lot of money selling the lighting as a dealer install kit, IF they can hit the right pricepoint.
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