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Originally Posted by Super83Z View Post
I would want a 1SS with C&C ,ABL and the 4-pack. Leather is nice and all, but its so damn hot in the summer and so damn cold in the winter I'm just tired of it.

I voted for ambient lighting but I'd like the C&C too... it's the only reason I'm considering getting a 2SS and I just don't think I can justify the extra cost for that stuff alone, even if it might cost more to do it later, on my own, at least I won't be paying interest for it.
Did I mention I have a sense of humor?

Right now it's an '03 Nissan Frontier Supercharged Desert Runner I call Starscream.

On order is a 1SS/ RS IBM with Black Rally Stripes, Beige Interior, manual transmission and a sunroof! Oh, and a stereo upgrade too! Ordered from CamaroScotty in WI. How will I get my baby home?
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