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Originally Posted by MrDew View Post
Not really sure about the hood, but i'll keep my fingers crossed for the SSX wheels!

What about that statement right here? was there any anouncment?

I'm right with you! I'm in love with the SSX wheels and pray that they'll be at least an option with the Z/28 as mentioned in the leftlanenews article.

Speaking of the hood, I'm going to repost the initial impressions I had posted on the thread on the general forum. Actually, as I look at the pictures from my post below more closely, I'm not convinced this hood rendition is really accurate. Beneath the camo on the test cars, I'm seeing an extractor like hood, although the shape of the openings look different than the rendered version IMO. You can see this best on the last picture that shows the camo snugly fitted to the top of the hood.

Additionally, the more I look at these three pics, it sure looks like there's an intake scoop, similar to the T2 style hood, in addition to the heat extractor vents. You can see a clear outline of a mailslot like hood scoop in the second pic with the hood up, and I can also see it a little on the third pic. Maybe I'm seeing it wrong, but that's what it looks like to me.

I'm no engineer, but does it even make sense for it to have both heat extractor vents and a large intake scoop? It seems like the air would just rush in and quickly exit via the extractor vents. What would this accomplish?

Here's my post from the other thread with the pics I'm referring to:

Originally Posted by Shurenuff View Post
I'm not really sure about the hood, I prefer the Leno one or even the T2 hood. Maybe it'll grow on me, I hope. The hood does look like a very realistic rendition judging from these spy shots, although I can spot some differences:

The rest of it I like, especially the SSX wheels

I kinda hope it has the vertical LED fog lights like the Leno car, but the more traditional round fogs aren't a deal breaker.

The good thing is, we'll know what the real deal looks like soon enough. While all the guess work and speculation is fun, I can't wait to see the real thing!
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