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I have to admit those are nice features. Nothing I would really have to jump on except maybe the rear view camera & the Navigation system if they ever decide to go for it, but yet again I know how to back my car up without hitting anything its just a nice feature.

As for Colors: Why another Black? There are already too many blacks. Change it up. The three colors I love the most are ABM, Synergy Green and White!

I know alot of people hate on ABM but when I 1st laid eyes on it all the other colors quickly faded from my mind. Its an amazing color. I wouldn't trade my car for anything in the world. I hope GM lightens up and includes another blue in the color mix, but if they dont thats okay too cause it just makes mine more rare. Also its great to see GM adding these new additions and bettering the Camaro. Makes me feel good to know mine is a 2010 because it just makes it that much more special. Someday it'll really be worth something.
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