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Originally Posted by gtahvit View Post
Yeah for me the extra 3K for the 2SS is a bargain for everything you get. But, that would cover my taxes if I could get the 1ss with C&C... I'm sure GM had very good reason's for setting it up the way they did. Maybe they will reconsider?

I'd have to disagree. there have been a few threads on this, but I think its about $500 overpriced. Its a $3188 premium, which is just a HUGE jump.
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Originally Posted by hsdguru View Post
31000 for ss1 no options and who in the hell would buy a SS1 V6 for kids SS1 for girls LS3 the only way to go G8 Gxp 200lbs more my bad so lets think here 200lb more 27 less hp so 5 tenths slower now 373 gear now mabe 3tenths slower 4 door car sad so so sad
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