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Originally Posted by Gnarlygianni View Post
what is the weight difference with the vert option compared to the coupe? is there any? How greatly will this affect the horsepower? These are my questions.
The weight difference is about 200 lbs. more for the convertible. The extra weight is in the stiffening in areas of the body, chassis bracing under the hood and underneath, and the top mechanism. There are also rear window motors and regulators, and more weight in other misc. areas like the wiring harnesses. The drivetrains between the 'Vert and Coupe are the same. I saw a thread here on C5 regarding the 1/4 mile time of the 'Vert being about 0.2 sec. slower than the Coupe (can't remember if it was an actual test time or an estimate). I'll post the tread link when I find it.
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