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Originally Posted by mondain View Post
I just realized this hood, if the rendering is accurate, totally screws us guys who want to do a custom Bumblebee stripe kit in the TF1 style. I'm skipping making my 'bee look like TF2 or TF3, cause honestly, TF2 was a disaster and I have little hope that TF3 will be any better, and I'd rather my bee look like a good movie than a bad one

But the TF3 leaked pics have bee's stripes running down the sides of the hood, not near the center, which would be supported by a Z hood rendering such as this.

Damnit, GM, why do you make things difficult...
The hood/car model that is being used in the TF3 bumblebee is the Jay Leno concept car from SEMA 2009. The reason the stripes are running down the sides of the car like that is because they're following the position of the vents from the hood.

In my opinion I don't really believe that the hood in the rendering will he the final production design. I still believe that they're going to use the hood design from Jay Leno concept/TF3. Not that it really matters to me cause I love my SS and will probably wait till a 50th anniversary Camaro is release til contemplating on buying another car... that or a V8 manual Chevy SSR, now thats a headturner!
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