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Originally Posted by trm0002 View Post
Your dealer needs to enter your order in WORKBENCH not Autobook. When he does that, you'll get a 6-digit alpha-numeric confirmation number instantly. There is no excuse for him not doing so. Go tomorrow, or call for that matter, but nicely demand he does it. If you're there, he'll give you a copy of the WORKBENCH printout- if you call, tell him to fax it to you after he enters it.

Don't freak out in the meantime, you have until Feb 15th, not that I would wait. Nobody has any official Chevy "position" yet- even me who ordered day one, October 13th. Cars will be delivered in the order the dealer tells GM to do it. GM will tell them next Friday (maybe different in CA ?) how many of what style they can order for March delivery. I would expect that not many dealers will even be able to order any for March. Then it's solely up to the dealer to decide which of the orders he has in hand to match to what GM is allowing him to order. You could be first in line and he could order the 12th guy's car, identical to yours, before yours. You have to trust your dealer to do the right thing. Sucks, but that's the way it is.

So i took your advice and went to go talk to my dealer about this welcome kit and about the tracking number and what he told me is that the orders are sitting right here in his order book and when GM schedules a date for the car to be produced they will hear something . I told him about the forum and how we are getting direct answers from the people way up higher then some sales manager are telling me to order through the workbench, not autobook. He insisted that his remark was correct and i should basically go home and sit by the phone and wait for his call. He didnt want to give me the time of day and all that fun stuff...... so either he is right or i just picked the wrong Chevy dealership
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