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Originally Posted by gtahvit View Post

I'm so bummed I missed this conversation last night.

I went to bed early. Kids were sick wife and I were beat down tired.


I'd like to say that Dragon's assessment of the why and how have been substantiated by Fbod in the past. He as explained in detail why options are lumped together.

The reason the poll only allows you to choose one option to be available is due to the fact that some things should be only available on the SS. Like Dragon said, if you can purchase every option an just add it to the 1SS then why not just buy a 2SS?

Dragon said, we need to choose, "toys and gadgets, or performance?" I'd say that for me I've already decided on performance. That's why I'm locked in to an SS. Now I'm struggling with gadgets vs. price. I don't want to spend that much for a 2SS so, I'm gonna get a 1SS. But, GM could get an extra $465 out of me if they let me have the C&C as an option. The question for GM is do they think they will sell enough C&C options to make it worth it to add it to the 1SS. As we've already said, the infrastructure is in place for it, they already have the capability to add it to the 1LT. So, it's not like they need to modify the line or the parts themselves in any way.

I tried to phrase the poll so it didn't sway anyone to vote for C&C but I'm glad the majority has gone that way.

Hopefully GM will think about this if they haven't already. There have been a few rumors that C&C will be made available at some point but nothing concrete.

I'm trying not to be overly selfish and demand that GM do it my way. I want what's best for the Car and for GM. So I will get the 1SS regardless. I just hope I my wishes will align with GM's eventually.

That was a great read btw. Thanks for not letting tempers get the best of us.

I've said it before, "Camaro5, best car people on the web."

The point I was trying to make was that if GM took the Leather option out of the 2SS package and made a 3SS package which would give you all the 2SS plus leather seating only,.... I would sure bet the sales of 2SS's would go way up as many would switch their 1SS's to 2SS's.

1SS = Base model .. cloth seats and cloth door panels

2SS = Tech loaded model .. cloth seats w/ plastic door panels, ambient lighting and 4-guage package.

3SS = Luxury model .. ALL 2SS features w/ Leather Seating.

I don't figure this would be too hard for GM to do if they really want to.

If they were to do this, my indecision would be over. I would run to my dealer and place my order for a 2SS/RS in Beige Cloth!
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