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Thanks for the kind words Bryan!

When Bryan came by the shop, the first time, we were under the impression that he was very pleased with his Camaro, and just wanted a little more power. He'd discussed his initial mods with Steve and we went ahead and made the changes.

As all Camaro's do, his car responded really well to the Stainless works long tube header/Rotofab/custom tune combo.

A few weeks later he dropped by and we had our twin turbo Z06 parked outside.

Well Bryan asked if he could go for a ride. BIG MISTAKE!

See, going for a ride in that is taking a huge hit on the go fast crack pipe!

Well one full throttle 2nd and 3rd gear pull and our friend here was hooked!

He got out of the Z06, walked in the shop and said, "I need a supercharger!"

Bryan left that day a convert to the religion of horspower! (I'm certain a few on this forum share in his beliefs)

Well as our story continues you'll see that the supercharger wasn't enough for our new horsepower junkie.

His weekly 1/4 mile excursions continued and once a week our phone would ring with a "hey, maybe we should do this, and maybe we should do that".

Steve and I talked to Bryan about his goals and came up with a plan.

Bryan has asked me to continue on with this journal as Iíve been taking pictures and have better access to the car than him.

To be continued......
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