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Originally Posted by GTAHVIT View Post


Nice... I see you've made the first move here... Well played my friend, well played.

I'd love to put this whole LS3 L99 thing to bed once and for all.

But I'd like to get something straight....

When I beat you.... Will it be because I'm a better driver??? or because you have a slow L99?????

Just sayin...

Either way... I'm IN...

I'm thinking a hood sized Texas Long Horn decal in burnt orange will look great on your "pretty" Camaro

why you dirty little.....

dude, you know you can't ignore dibs!
and to be nice, i'll even let him keep the transmission back i can't use it anyway & my 3.42 is so close it wouldn't be worth the trouble of even seeing if it swaps. i'll just be glad to only have to buy a hood instead of that and a supercharger! mileage is probably close on the engines, too, and the extra 30 cubes'll come in handy!

i do love the longhorn idea, but we all know you'll have TB's big ol' fathead face plastered all over your hood! or we could get that pic of you in the Steelers uniform blown up!!

even though i secretly want you to win, i can't pass this one up! but maybe you can sway me... Randy & Bonnie bought me drinks!
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