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Originally Posted by Da Hose View Post
Can't wait to see her!!!!! U know Kellie will want this set up then too!!!
Kellie has already asked for one of my grandkids. Said something about I wouldn't miss one....

Originally Posted by Shardik2SS View Post
Great color choice and a beautiful dog!

Thanks, meet Satchmo, after Louis Armstrong, they of the big black cheeks...

Originally Posted by PQ View Post
I HATED dealing with the finance guy at my dealership. He just coulnd't take no for an answer. He eventually had to, but they knew how bad I wanted that car and so they tried to hold it hostage a bit. lol
I pulled the buyers check out and was starting to walk out when the owner stepped in... the finance guy was awesome...

Originally Posted by Dr Jkel View Post
Great Story, Glad that everything worked out, hopefully your wife is ok now and all is well.
She is doing great... It was stress related. She is th Athletic Director of all sports, mens and womens at a Div II NCAA University. Proper care and some good help, and she is fit as a fiddle...

Originally Posted by MisterCamaro69 View Post
You forgot to explain who these "twins" are

... This is gonna be another good one to watch.
My grandkids... more later...

Originally Posted by speedster View Post
Awesome R !

Glad you finally broke down and decided to do a build thread. But one request - no PINK parts under the hood...but you may have a certain mod on here add

Can't wait to see the car as the 'twins' progress on Brandi

Post 'em as yo get 'em.
He can try, but..... I still hold certain parts ransom, though that will no longer hold true in less than a week if all goes well...I'll deliver his CAI housing this Friday, and the engine cover next week....

Originally Posted by Dr Jkel View Post
OK now I got to know the deal with the " Twins"
Patience...... my friend...

Originally Posted by hamr56 View Post
Good on you, nice looking car. Boerboel Mastiff?
English Mastiff... 200 lbs of the best natured dog I've ever been around...

Originally Posted by 73camarolt View Post
Good looking car. When you going to post up the mods you have done to it? Interested to see what you have done to it. Dad needs some ideas lol
Chapter II starts in a few minutes...I may have something to start your dad out with if he doesn't have a CAI yet... I'll have one available, for a great (phenominal) price... PM me on that if you interested... What color is your dads car...

Thanks for checking in guys, I've been wanting to start the mods for a while, but had to wait until the right time and situation.... I am going to manage this with the help of my wife without having to get any loans or breaking the bank...
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