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Ok, I stopped by the shop today and spoke with my builder. He said thee engine builders have started on my LS-3 block that will be sleeved, and have all the good forged rotating internals. He told me the heads will be going to the machine shop on Monday, and to go ahead and keep my car until Thursday or Friday since we dont need to tear it apart to get started. He knows I'm headed for Brazil, and told me to drive it while I'm here... Way cool since the work has already started...

I went to TGIFridays in San Antonio for our regular Friday night hang, and had a blast, at least until the cedar pollen blew in... peeps were sneezing, loosing their voices and coughing to beat the band... Fortunately it didn't bother me until I was leaving and closed my hood and the layer of pollen looked like the car had been in a dust storm... WOW...

I'll drop Brandi off Thursday, and leave for Brazil Saturday, so it shouldn't hurt too much...

My builder will be adding my car to the customers build page as well as seending me some pics so I'll be able to keep up with whats going on.... He will also be sending me e-mail updates so that will help also...

More soon...
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