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Originally Posted by thePill View Post
In my opinion, the Z28 will stick with the 556hp rating. GM doesn't have to fear the GT500, the 2012 MY has been finalized so no last minute upgrades will come from Ford. That being said, the '12 GT500 will have been released and sold out before the Z28 sees a dealership. If GM were to rate it higher and lets say Motor Trend compares the two to be dead even, it would make GM look bad. At 556hp, if it wins, it looks really good, if it ties, it looks good.. if it loses, the blame can go to weight and only having a 6hp advantage (torque is always overlooked).

Will the Z28 eat Corvette sales?.... What Corvette sales? and I hardly think that a buyer set on a Grand Sport is gonna pitch out extra cash for something he doesn't want... Z06/ZR1 people are Z06/ZR1 people.... they care nothing for Camaros...

I honestly believe that GM might be benchmarking the Z28 to the wrong Mustang, by the time the Z28 is available, the GT500 will be done, the 5.4 will be gone... and Shelby will be out again... Since the 2012 GT500 is being built right now, MY13s top model will be ready for Jan 2012 and since it looks like the Z28 will be out fall/winter 2011, with the GT500s gone for over 8 months and a new model in route in 4... victory might go the way of tooting their own horn.. if only for a brief time (see below)

Yeah, the 2013 SVT Cobra should sport the Twin Turbo 5.0, Turbo's are much better for extended uses such as road circuits. Superchargers get heat soaked after a few laps and horsepower decreases. Twin Turbos also complement the TiVCT way better so I can see SVT answering back with the "Road Runner" 5.0.

Here is a prototype TT 5.0 called EU-01, a collaboration between multiple companies.. They strap it to a dyno at 4:35, it made 552hp and 576tq.... at the wheels...

If gm is to test against a car that doesn't exist yet then how can they bench mark something that isn't out?

GM is testing against what's out and improving beyond that. They should have the answer for current production, and wiggle room for any answer ford has to offer. keyword there is should.
Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
We do not want to use the Z28 moniker on a car that does not deserve this hallowed name.
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