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Talking GROUP BUY! Stainless Works Stepped Headers 15% Off For Camaro5 Members At APEX!!!!!!

Stainless Works has once again asked APEX Motorsports to offer an exclusive group buy on their newest product, the Stepped Header, to Camaro5 members.

APEX Motorsports is now offering Stainless Works Step-Headers for the serious performance minded enthusiast. These headers are available in a 1 3/4 - 1 7/8 inch step and 1 7/8 - 2 inch step and offer improved scavenging over traditional straight tubed headers creating more power and a broader torque curve. Like all Stainless Works products they are made in the USA using high quality 304 stainless steel.
These awesome headers also utilize the latest development from Stainless Works, the Integrated Merge Spike, for even greater performance gains. Inspired by race-system technology and performance dyno testing, the Stainless Works merge spike was developed to direct airflow towards the center of the collector, which helps promote scavenging.

The Group Buy

The Stainless Works Stepped Headers are available as headers only (retail $1490), headers with high flow cats (retail $1990), and headers with off road pipes ($1620). For this group buy, Stainless Works has asked for 10 orders and will allow for a 15% discount. That means:

Headers only: $1266.50 SHIPPED

Headers w/ high flow cats: $1691.50 SHIPPED

Headers w/ off road pipes: $1377 SHIPPED

A 25% deposit will be required to join the group buy with the balance due at the end of the promotion (1-31-2011). Orders will be shipped once the group buy ends and the remaining balance is received.

Contact Apex Chase to order!

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